Clinics & Services

These are the services that this practice provides under the General Medical Contract.

Alcohol Misuse

Problems to do with the misuse of alcohol are very common and we offer patients who have a problem with alcohol the opportunity to discuss their problem and the help and support to try and overcome it.

Ante Natal Clinics

These are held Wednesdays from 2pm - 3.30pm. To book an appointment please contact the Community Midwives on 01349 864571.

Anti-Coagulation Monitoring

The practice offers a monitoring service for patients who take Warfarin.


Our nurse has special asthma training and offers assessment and review appointments. You will be invited to attend for assessment or review, but if you are interested in attending and have not received an invitation, then please ask at reception.

Cervical Smears

These important screening tests for early changes associated with cervical cancer are recommended for all women age 25 to 49 every 5 years, and for women aged 50 to 64 every 3 years.  They are normally carried out by our practice nurse; the best time to take a smear is midway between periods.


Babies and children under 5 can be seen at the weekly clinic run by the health visitor for developmental checks. All our doctors perform routine childhood immunisations.

Chiropody Clinics

NHS Clinics: Enquiries to 01463 723250, self referral forms are available at reception.

Tuesdays 9am - 5pm.


All of our doctors provide contraceptive services. In addition, Dr. Shona Forth and Dr Sally Martin fit IUCDs (coils) and can also insert the Implanon contraceptive device.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Our nurse offers assessment and review appointments for all patients with this condition. You will be invited to attend for assessment or review, but if you are interested in attending and have not received an invitation, then please ask at reception.


Dr Iain Forth has a special interest and a Diploma in Dermatology.


All of our doctors and our practice nurse offer appointments for assessment and review of this condition. Patients who suffer from diabetes receive regular invitations to attend for review and assessment. In addition we share the care of some of our diabetic patients with Raigmore Hospital.


Regular review appointments with your own doctor are offered to patients who suffer from this condition.

Gynaecology Services

We offer cervical screening tests (smears) and contraception advice.


Review appointments with our practice nurse are offered to all patients with this condition, as well as regular review appointments with our doctors.


Regular review appointments with your own doctor are offered to patients who suffer from this condition.

Influenza & Pneumococcal Vaccinations

These vaccinations are recommended for patients over the age of 65 and any patient who is at risk because of a chronic illness. The practice runs an influenza vaccination campaign from October to March, every winter. The Pneumococcal vaccination can be given at any time of the year.

Ischaemic Heart Disease

Review appointments are regularly offered to patients who have this condition.

Maternity Care

We have a longstanding interest and involvement in maternity care in this practice. All of our doctors, the health visitor and attached community midwives provide a full range of maternity services.

Medication Review Clinic

A Medicines review is a meeting with your doctor, pharmacist or nurse to talk about your medicines.  Your medicines should be reviewed regularly (usually once a year) to check they are right for you.  The Surgery will contact you with regard to making an appointment with our pharmacist.  Further information can be found here. 

Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are very common and we offer patients the opportunity to discuss problems as early as possible. We are able to offer support here in the practice and advice on other services available locally.

Minor Injury Service

The doctors or practice nurse will see patients who have suffered a minor injury. If possible we will treat your injury here in the surgery, including injuries that require simple suturing. If the injury is more complicated then we will make you comfortable and refer you to the Accident & Emergency department at Raigmore Hospital.

Minor Surgery

Procedures such as incision of abscesses, removal of skin lesions, injection of joints and wart treatment are carried out in the practice. All our doctors are on the Health Board’s Minor Surgery List.

Multiple Sclerosis

Our doctors have a special interest in patients who suffer from this condition. We offer regular review and support here in the practice and advice on other support services available locally.

Near-Patient Testing

This is a service required by patients who need regular review and blood tests done because of the medication that they are taking. We offer this service here in the practice.

Physiotherapy Clinics

We have a dedicated Physio in Practice every Monday and Wednesday. This service is a specialist service to diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions of the spine, arms, hands and legs. Patients are no longer required to self-refer but can now book directly (via the reception team) for conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Neck and shoulder pain, Low back & hip pain, Sciatica, Wrist & hand pain, Knee & ankle pain and Ligament & muscle injuries

Clinics: all day Monday and Wednesday

Sexual Health

There are worrying increases in sexually transmitted infections for people of all ages in the UK. Younger women are at particular risk of Chlamydia, which can cause infertility yet may show no symptoms. We offer free condoms and advice and review to anyone who considers themselves at risk.

Smoking Cessation Advice

All our doctors and our practice nurses will also help and support patients who are motivated to stop smoking. As well as counselling and support we can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy as well as a range of self-help leaflets or refer you to the NHS Highland Smoking Cessation Adviser.

Stroke/Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIAs)

Regular review appointments are offered to all patients with this condition.

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